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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  February 3, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EST

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the show and we'll see you tomorrow night. ears captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." america, i think you know this. the budget is out of control. economists are saying there is a lack of political will. you think so? the will to do the right thing. america, as the truth of our economic situation becomes clear over the next year or so, i believe the country will divide itself into two camps. the politicians and the elites who don't have the will to do the right thing or tell you the truth. and then the rest of us. the rank and file. i think the message will be i will sacrifice today for my children's future tomorrow. that is the will of the american people. so it's kind of half right. it's not the will of washington. there are some economists now that say our only hope is economiest herbert steinslaw.
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if something can't go on forever, it will stop. okay, i don't think that is our greatest hope. our greatest hope what always has been the american people ready to do the tough work. the government just needs to get the hell out of our way. c'mon! >> glenn: will they call today? who knows? they are setting a pattern, though. hello, america. i want to talk about a couple of things. first, we need to stop living in a fantasy land. america has already fundamentally changed. it started changing a long time ago, long before barack obama came on the scene. we're not going back to where it was in the beginning unless we first admit hello, houston, we've got a problem. it's all based on one word. debt. before i show the news of the day remind you of something
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that thomas jefferson wrote to james madison in 1789. he said, "then i say, the earth belongs to each of the generation during its course. fully and in its own right. the second generation receives it clear of the debts and encumbrances of the first. the third of the second and so on. for if the first could charge it with debt, then the earth would belong to the debt and not the living generation. then no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existencexistence." we're a million miles away from that. let me show you the debt clock. i think i have a bigger clock over here. when i saw this, the other day, i was actually for a minute, i was just -- let me be happy for a minute. show me the debt clock. here it is. here is the national debt. bad news. look at these.
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anything jump out at you? watch the numbers for a second. notice it? the numbers are going down. for a minute, there i mean that is across the whole line. this is personal debt. personal debt is shrinking. mortgage is shrinking. consumer debt, credit card. like common sense is alive! no, no, no. don't get happy. i thought for a minute people actually were listening and getting out of debt and stop spending money they don't have on credit. unfortunately, i did some checking. that's not it. people aren't paying off their debts. not in these numbers. they're defaulting on them. when you default on your credit card loan, the mon money -- where is credit can card? here? mortgage debt is a better one. if you default here, the money goes back up to -- show me the front page again. the top line. this one. the u.s. national debt. same thing with the mortgages.
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this is not going to be pretty. show you charts here. if we were living in happy land, where we -- thank you, mortgage debt. no, go back to the charts now. if we were living in happy land, residential mortgage loans outstanding. oh, my gosh, everybody is looking out of debt. reverse this. and put it over here. the default line. blue line is distress mortgages for people 60 days late or more. these are the default. these are the ones where the bank is like okay, i think we have to take the keys to your house away. if we were normal times this would be happy. couple these two and it shows how bad it is. however, the banks are are foreclosuring on so -- foreclosing on so many mortgages and so many people aren't paying. if i may be the grim reaper, this chart doesn't show the whole thing. the banks are not foreclosing on as many mortgages as they should be. back to the debt clock. show me the mortgage debdebt.
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this number should be going down much, much faster. but the banks aren't foreclosuring on people. as much as people say oh, my gosh, they kicked me out. they're not taking away credit cards as fast as they should either. when they do, they have to charge it off, write it off. which means if the bank says we now have billy's house, too. they have to report it to the government and that means they need more money in their reserve and they'd be telling not only the client, the banks are in trouble, but also they tell the government that. okay? they are motivated. they are motivated because of the big brother standing over their shoulder saying don't foreclose on these people. sound like barney frank. don't you dare foreclose on these people or we'll come after you. that is the attitude that the banks are now dealing with
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from washington and have over a long period of time. it was the problem in the first place. the same thing happened with credit card debt. now what? look at this. here is credit card debt. the foreclosure. we keep hearing from progressives that federal debt is not like personal debt. federal debt is much bigger. you can't possibly comprehend it. really? it works the same way. federal debt, they say we have to spend our way out of recession. i'm sorry but this kind of debt doesn't work. listen to congressm maman clybun what he said, i think it was yesterday. >> we are not going to save our way out of this recession. we have to spend our way out of this recession. >> glenn: yeah. not with a debt this big. it doesn't make sense. this is what tarp was all about. do you remember the $700 billion that took your breath away? that was just a down payment. where is it on this. government bail-out.
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that was a down payment. government bail-out since 2008, 2010. this is by the way hundred thousand, million, billion, trilli trillion. a slush fund now. they can draw on that as long or as much as they want. our problem is we haven't learned from history. there was a huge bail-out -- c'mon, i have to sit down. i'm tired. there was a huge bail-out that most people were unaware of that happened over 100 years ago. it happened 1895. a massive financial problem. like this one, the only answer was a bail-out, they said. except it wasn't the government bailing out big evil corporations in 1895. it was big evil corporations bailing out the u.s. government. see we were on the gold standard. you run out of money, you run out of money. kind of like a state now. now we ran out of money mainly because of the sherman silver purchase act, which isn't worth getting into. but the u.s. treasury reserve
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had shrunk to under $100 million. the federal government was just about broke. so, off to the rescue comes this man! you used to call me a disgruntled angry old man. like mr. potter except it's j.p. morgan. his group stepped in to replenish the united states government with $62 million in gold reserves to shore up the government. morgan had already bailed out the u.s. army payroll in 1877. then a third time he bailed everybody out in 11907. that's when he bailed out wall street. the sentiment was you know what? mr. potter is trying to buy everything up. we're beholding to the guys because thigh keep bailing us out. progressives at the time made a populist case we should never ever be behold on the something like that.
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you can't owe something like that too much money, you give them control. got the theory? fast forward 100 years. j.p. morgan's bank, show me j.p. morgan chase. now we've bailed out jp morgan chase out. the government did. now they are vilifying jp morgan chase. the progressives learned the lesson. jp morgan chase forgot it. the rest of us stood by with our drool cups going we didn't see this coming. just like it was bad for the government to be owned by jp morgan chase, it's equally as bad to have the government own jp morgan chase. the bank owning the government, what would happen? we were afraid the government would tell the bank what to do. and they did! just like the government is now telling banks what to do. except this is only part of the story. this is the part of the story the dopes in most of the media channels will tell you.
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they'll go yep, that's it. we just hate the banks. mm-hmm. mm-hmm. try this one on for size. with jp morgan chase at the turn of the centuriers it was his gold that he had. he didn't go out and borrow it. it was his. this isn't the government's gold they're bailing him out with now. where is the government borrowing the money to control the banks? china. why is this bad? why shouldn't we borrow all of this money from china? they will give it to us. what? it's just money. this goes back to a memory of mine as a kid. when i first decided i'd go into a small business in 2000, became a small businessman, i vowed not to borrow any money. because of something i remember my favor saying when i was a kid. we owned a bakery, city bakery in downtown mount vernon, washington. i remember saying to my dad, what do you mean you got to go to work tomorrow? you don't have a boss. he looked at me and said, "son, everybody has a boss. my boss is the bank."
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mr. president, everybody has a boss. your boss is china. when we found out that china was selling our children lead-painted toizens and poison dog food -- do you remember that? do you remember anyone saying why isn't george bush really saying anything imagine if an american or british company were selling kids chewable lead paced toys and poison dog foods, you think we would haven't hammered the bats out of them? of course we would. why didn't we say anything to china. same reason you don't go to your boss and stick your hand in his chest. you don't bite the hand that feeds you. china, i hate to break the news to you, now rules the world. wait until you see tomorrow's episode. worse, the white house now has gone further for china. the white house now told our spy agency to lower the
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priority placed on intelligence collection on china. what does that mean? i'm told by contacts in the c.i.a. we only experience china attacks from chi -- cyber attacks from china on a daily basis. when we can't say to somebody stay away from our secrets because we'll lose their money, we have become slaves to them. upon being afraid to stand up to them, is this a pa payment to chinese? are we just actually paying a higher interest rate on our loans? think about this. how much did the stealth technology cost? if we don't catch them stealing our stealth technology, what is that? possible it's patement on a princip principle? as soon as china demand
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higher interest rate for loans we can't pay back, it's over. everyone said no, that's not -- that will never happen. china needs us to buy their crap. really? nobody will buy their bamboo umbrellas except us? what is this move by obama to say hey, stop looking at them so much. we are already hearing as we did in the "state of the union" address that the worst of the financial crisis is over. no. they're going to start pointing to the g.d.p. growth in the fourth quarter of 5.7% as proof they fixed the problem. they haven't. they haven't spent two-third of the stimulus money yet. why? is it possible they're saving it so when things really start to look bad in election season this fall? progressives need to have it look like the economic problems are solved. they haven't. they've only been made much, much worse. because debt. the debt. the fact that all of this is
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unsustainable. our debt is $12 trillion on the top line, but the unsecured loans are $107 trillion. there is no j.p. morgan that can loan us $107 trillion. we long ago dropped the gold standard. what are we making to make $107 trillion? even in the great depression, we had three things missing from the terrible situation we faced then that are not missing now. everybody says we'll get out of it. think of these things. during the great depression, the massive debt we have now is missing. the debt to g.d.p. in 1929 was 16.3%. this year, the estimate predict it will reach 94% of g.d.p. in 2011, 99%. unsustainable. second thing we didn't have in the great depression that we have now, unfunded
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liabilities. remember, there wasn't a social security to fund. this is the most crushing debt. $107 trillion. the first is $12 trillion. $107 trillion. no way to ever pay it off. three we didn't have the total personal debt. people were not living lifestyles on credit. people own their houses and they can grow their own food. so now what can we do with a debt that is unsustainable? we can stop living in the fantasy land. we can tell ourselves we better wake up right now if we want to control our own country. we can get ourselves out of debt so we are not slaves personally to anyone else. we can take control of the personal financial situation. in 1907, americans thought it was a terrible thing to be beholden to jpmorgan. we believe it gave him too much clout and influence over the government.
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today we're infinitely more behold on the communist china. the $65 million that jpmorgan loaned to the government in 1865 is equivalent to $1.6 billion. we spend that, i think, we start aed spending that and probably finished by the time the monologue is over. the current debt is $12 trillion. we promised $107 trillion more. who owns us -- better yet, who owns our children? how would you like to go back to 1875? i'd rather be owned by jpmorgan. he was a capitalist american, not communist chinese. we are doing it to ourself. you might say glenn, that's ridiculous. that're a great trading partner. no problem. remember poisoned toys and poison dog food? how about this one. the clinton unfluence buying scandal. remember we sold sea port in california china in the '90s?
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now we take them off the spy list and say don't look so hard over there. do you think they're not going to steal anything? really? may i show you the cover of a book in china? this is great. you have to make this big. bring this up. look around the corner. recognize the boy in the corner with the classes? yeah. it's harry potter. this book popped up in china before the ink was dry, unauthorized, incredibly bizarre stories, stealing j.k. rollings beloved characters and they were everywhere in china. including a version of the boy wizard as a fat hairy dwarf. china's response? we're looking into it. what? our national debt has become a freakish fat hairy giant stealing from our children's future and dishonoring our founders and everything they stood for. honestly, i think dishonoring us.
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in the eyes of the rest of the world and more importantly in the memories of our children. ahead on the program, bill o'reilly. next, the super bowl and healthcare. you'll love this. next.
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>> glenn: the people at the network are trying to kill me. there is a little knife or something shooting out here and i snagged my tie. excuse me, i'm going tieless for the rest of the show. i'm signing this one and i'll put it on ebay for charity. it should be worth like $3. if i bid $3. we'll put it up at and give money to special forces or something. yes, my tour as duty. as hard as it gets for me. i want to show you the guys. put them back here. yeah. remember when we thought the guys were bad? all an of a sudden the fat intern guy doesn't look like a bad option. i read today the obama administration said the government is going to grow to 2.5 million federal employees this year. the largest government we have ever had. big government is here.
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a new budget like every big government is porn. it showed yesterday the games we're playing now in washington. counting on phantom savings from cap and trade and the budget. the game doesn't stop there. here is the latest. they're also counting on healthcare passing in the budget. really? according to obama passing healthcare will produce savings of $150 billion over ten years. fist, i'm not going to fall for how much will healthcare safe us argument. how does paying for healthcare insurance save money? it doesn't. how do i know this? because i'm a guy and i'm married to a chick. i'll explain in a second. second thing, healthcare reform is on life support now. this is basically the equivalent of including lottery winnings in the next family budget. i don't that's really smart. no matter if you are right or
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left, any moron can see right through this game. well, almost any moron. watch. >> if healthcare doesn't pass because this budget assumes budget will pass, that's yet another $150 billion that would be tacked on to the deficits. >> glenn: oh, my goodness! that's chuck todd of nbc warning we must pass healthcare or the deficit will grow. c'mon, chuck. really? are you married? i am. this is how i know this is bull! if i went to my wife and i said honey, i want to go to the super bowl, it will be fantastic. she would say we don't have the money, we can't afford it. you'd say no, no, no. honey, no. the tints are $800 per ticket and plus hotel and entertainment. and food. but i got a special deal so i'm saving $300. what would she say?
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let me think. no! she would explain it will cost $500 for the ticket an everything else. that is not a savings. you're still spending. hmmm. i see the problem here. see what is going on. honey, you don't hear what i'm saying. maybe i need to explain it and maybe i should give more speeches to you. did i mention the savings? the answer still would be you're not going. say you have no regard for the wrath of the woman you're married to or you book the trip anyway and think she'll understand when i give another speech to her. when she finds out you pole vaulted over her and ignore you, she will demand you cancel the trip. that's when you bring out the logic of president obama and chuck dodd to save the day. you say to her, wait, wait, wait, honey, calm down. listen, not only am saving money but i can't cancel the
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super bowl trip. if we do that, we will lose the $300 savings. you see what i'm saying? that is when she votes you out of office because you lied, you disrespected and completely went behind her back. if she can't trust you with super bowl tickets, what can she trust you with? you would also say honey, if we cancel it now we'd not only lose the $300 but i already booked it i already got stuff and now we'll move more money. it's all a game and unfortunately we don't get expensive commercials in this game they are playing in washington. we could chortle about it and ignore it if it weren't for the fact that trillions of taxpayer dollars are at stake. not just the federal government, several states are assuming the healthcare bill would pass. so they counted on that money as savings in their budget. i think it was my grandfather who told me you know what happens when you assume.
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you make an ass out of you and me. but, may i say to the federal government and the states counting on the savings, i think i am leaving me out of this. think you are just making an ass out of you. >> glenn: maybe it's just me. like i said last night, they're counting chickens before they hatch. in fact, they are going to step further. they're counting chickens before they hatch from a mother hen that hasn't even been born yet. next on the program, bill o'reilly and adrianna huffington attacking me. next.
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we americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others. when confronted with massive human suffering, americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help. but there's never been anything on the scale of human tragedy in our own hemisphere
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like what we're now witnessing in haiti. today president clinton and i are joining together to appeal to you with real urgency. give now, and lives will be saved. thank you. thank you.
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terrorist trial to the military commissions. that's at "special report" top of the hour. now back to glenn. >> glenn: good news, the left is getting desperate. when they throw out ridiculous attacks against you or me, usually when it's about me i don't bother responding on this program. sometimes, it's just kind of fun. i know they do it to get attention. it feel bad for them. i think they need it. if i may show you. these are the ratings of this program. against its competition. here is where the "glenn beck
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program" started. remember a year ago? uh-oh. this is one is cnn. i like wolf blitzer, he is a nice guy. here is the other network. i love that. kind of flatlining there, you know what i mean? if you notice the hard core left wing netwonetwork, some mit say this show is slaughtering them. if i did, i'd want to point out i didn't mean slaughter literally. after all, you can't kill something that is already dead. that being said, adrianna huffington, aka i like to call her media matters after a few drinks went on national television answer claimed that we are saying on this program that president obama is going to slaughter people. watch. >> aren't you concerned about the language that glenn beck is using, after all inciting the american people. there is a lot of suffering out there. when he talks about people
2:34 am
being slaughter and who is the next -- >> he was talking about hitler and stall stalin slaughtering people. i think he was probably accurate -- >> no, he was talking about the administration. >> glenn: see, talk about this administration. it had to look this up. i didn't think i said anything. she was so offended by this she went on television to talk about it again! the same network -- may i show in the same with the flatline -- this one right here. nobody watched it. so we are giving them a public service announcement now. this network had a guy compare the republicans to genocide genocidal government of cambodia the day before she went on. classy. she bases this claim on one tv segment. now, remember, i want the play this segment for you. this is a serious point. this is no joke. i want to show you the segment here. >> i told you yesterday
2:35 am
buckle up your seat belt, america. >> glenn: wait a minute. i have want you to know i don't mean -- i'm not talking about buckling a literal seat belt. i'm saying get prepared because we're in for a bumpy road on the economy. next. >> find the exit, there is one here, here and here. >> glenn: okay. i want you to know i should point out not literally talking about exiting the country. we're talking about exiting the economic path we're headed on. >> find the exit closest to you and prepare for crash landing. >> glenn: oh, boy. please, arianna, i'm not actually talking about a plane crashing here. i'm talking about a downturn in the economy. because this plane is coming down because the pilot is intentionally steering it into the trees. >> glenn: oh, my goodness. i have want to point out i'm not actually talking about barack obama literally going to pilot school and becoming a pilot and loading americans on a plane and intentionally crash him into trees. no. i was talking about the president intentionally
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implementing policies putting us on an unsustainable economic path. but watch. >> most likely it will happen sometime after christmas. you're going to see this economy come up, we're already seeing it. now it will start come back down again. >> glenn: i should point out economies don't go up or down. they're not objects affected by gravity. who knew? up and down are terms describing the typical economic measu measures, expans and con traction. to review tohe topics we've covered so far. we talked about the economy. then the economy. the economy. the economy. and again, the economy. watch. >> when you see the effect of the economy, remember the words. i'll speak slowly. this signifies that the words to follow refer to the economy. >> we will survive.
2:37 am
not talking about heart function or all of us collectively continuing to breathe. we're still talking, don't want you to be confused, about the economy. >> we will do better than survive. we will thrive, as long as these people are not in control. they are taking you to a place to be slaughtered. >> glenn: ahhh! there is the gotcha moment. some say by introducing the last sentence saying when you see the effects on the economy, remember these words, that this last sentence might also be about speaking of the economy as well. no. with 30 plus years of broadcast to pick from, adrianna huffington makes this her main point and claims that it's a reference to literal slaughter carried out by our president. so what she is saying in a nutshell is we made this point. first talk about the economy. then the economy. then the economy.
2:38 am
then the economy. then i seamlessly moved to genocide without any warning. genocide by the president without any transition or notice. if i were that time of tv close, i'd be winning by 20 times -- back to the truck. i'd be winning by 20 times, instead of the measly 13 times we're currently winning by. the left is so desperate because you're winning. they're annoyed they can't shut you or me up. bask in it for a moment. this is a very, very good sign. bill o'reilly is next.
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my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me. i want answers. announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus?
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>> glenn: all right. last night on the o'reilly factor, time magazine joe klein called me a nutter. it'd be offended but that is the dumbest thing i've heard. he called me a peddler of hateful crap. he had zero examples to back it up. great journalism from "time" magazine and now bill o'reilly from the o'reilly factor. bill, i come to your studio, why can't you -- >> i'm afraid. you're slaughtering people or something in there. i hear screams. i can't go in there. >> glenn: so bill, if i may, let me play what happened on the o'reilly factor last
2:43 am
night. here he is. >> i think that your pal glenn beck is peddling a lot of hateful crap. i mean -- >> but he's funny. doing in a funny way. what is hateful about it? >> i thought the part where he described the president as intentionally steering the airplane in the ground was hilarious. >> c'mon. he has a blackboard and a phone to the white house. >> that is the best defense -- i mean we -- >> i had to strain for that. c'mon. [ laughter ] >> glenn: first of all, let's just go over. go over what they just said. first of all, adrianna huffington says i'm saying that everybody will be slaughtered. then obama is some sort of a pilot. okay? then i claim that obama was born in canada. may i quickly just play the birther thing. quick. >> out of the thousand of protesters the birther is the
2:44 am
only one they're continuing to show over and over again. the new suffix is "ers." the 9/11 truthers. crazy. then the birthers. crazy. today there is a concerted effort on all radio stations to get birthers on the hair. i have to tell you: are you working for barack obama administration? i mean, that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. >> glenn: so bill, when we were on stage last week at some of our events, i asked you if the media was just -- i mean if they just discredited themselves, they're never coming back. much to my surprise believe it or not you said yes, abc, nbc, the traditional stuff is over. >> yeah. i don't think you're coming back. there is no indication that the mainstream media has any kind of credibility among the american people. the latest survey showed fox
2:45 am
news, 49% of americans trust us far and way away more than anybody else. the problem is you are getting in a niche world. with adrianna huffington and -- and adrianna huffington by the way say i threw a fit when you were named number two, most popular tv guy. >> glenn: i corrected her. i corrected her. you have didn't throw a fit. you threw a lamp. you hit me right here. >> how could i miss that head? nobody could. but, you know, i mean if you go to the huffington post and you are expecting accurate information about anything -- >> glenn: no, wait. bill, she said that on abc television. >> i know, but it's her. >> glenn: i know that. do you think i'm getting on abc television or you're getting on abc televisitelevisi? >> i get on there all the time. you, they'd never put you on. >> glenn: you don't have to rub it in. >> you have to consider the source. joe klein is interesting.
2:46 am
he has a good reputation of savvy political reporter. i don't know what his beef is with fox news. i can't watch -- >> he never watched us. never watched us. >> he watches us once in a while. i don't know what the beef is. you give an opinion, i give an opinion. so what? he gives his opinion every week. if you don't like the opinion, you don't like the opinion. why demonize the messenger? for what reason? i'm not getting it. >> glenn: adrianna huffington asked me to -- i'm sure she did you, too. asked me to write for the post. >> never asked me to do that. >> glenn: really? >> she knows i would never do that. >> glenn: she knows i wouldn't until i said no. people need to realize the overreaction -- this is an interesting story. we deal with this in the bold fresh tour when we go out on stage together. the overreaction to glenn beck is a very fascinating part of america.
2:47 am
you are to me a regular guy. not a trained journalist, not a trained seal, not a spokesman for either party, they both hate you, as well they should. all you are is just a guy fortunate enough to make a lot of money giving his opinion. so what? >> glenn: remind me not to have you write my resume. >> as you always say, am i wrong here? this is what you want. you're a guy that fox news hired and cnn hired before that okay to give your opinion as an every man type of guy. >> glenn: sure. >> i don't understand the overreaction to you? >> because it's fox. because it's fox. that's why. bill, we're -- >> there are a lot of other people on fox that don't get your reaction. it's because they fear you -- like sarah palin. you and sarah palin are in the same soup bowl, okay? for some reason you guys have become very, very popular. you can debate why. as soon as you become very,
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very popular -- i had to go thousand this. thank god beck came to fox. he takes the heat. >> glenn: i'm a meat shield. pipe down, o'really. pipe down. coming up in a second, bill o'reilly is back and i was going to give him a present but i don't know, i don't know if i will now. i haven't made up my mind. we're in los angeles on february 13. together, i don't know. couple hundred tickets still left. grab them at -- what is the -- >> the early show. the late show is sold out. in pasadena a couple hundred tickets left. check it out. have fun. >> glenn: find out ticket information at, what is it? i don't know. >> it's hard for you to retain that. boldfre
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>> so i can avoid catching or spreading the flu this year, it's smart to get a flu shot, wash your hands, cover your cough. but is that enough? after all, you really do want the other 4.5 billion people on the planet to keep
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their distance. that's why i carry this guy. [engine starts] beautiful day isn't it. [running engine] one quick tug and the sidewalk's all mine. [running engine] works great on elevators, too. [running engine] [engine revs] [running engine]
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>> glenn: now with the host bill o'reilly, the host with the most. i think he's been number one for like 75 years now. mr. bill o'reilly. >> ever since world war ii. >> glenn: really? >> yeah. >> glenn: we talked about the media imploding. and a new media emerging.
2:53 am
would you consider us part of the new media, fox? >> yeah. we've been around 13 years. msnbc and fox started in the same year. msnbc is done, not coming back either. cnn been around 22 and the rest been around since the '50s. >> glenn: you have jon stewart on tomorrow. would you say he -- a lot of people in journalism land idolize him. he's great! he's good. me, i'm a clown that doesn't give anybody facts. i could go on about t bills for 20 minutes but not good enough if i say it with a smile. jon stewart they think is a journal situation and good for media. >> he, himself, would say he's an entertainer, comedian. what he does. a satirist. i don't have a beef with stewart. >> glenn: i think he's funny. >> once in a while he will take stuff out of context, which i don't like. he's got like 50,000 writers. did you ever see the staff that he has? >> glenn: no. >> they all smoke pot all day long and come up with the crazy scenarios. they don't let you see them
2:54 am
but i peered in a window one time. all over the place. >> glenn: right. >> i think that they can do it honestly. you can do your satire honestly without taking a strong here and string it there and trying to make someone look like an idiot. with say enough stupid stuff that stewart should get us legit maimat legitimately. >> glenn: i do. i want to show you an idea. >> i don't come to your set because i don't know what is in there. >> glenn: a restoring honor starts here doormat. i don't know if you ever had the idea of doing doormats. >> no. >> glenn: i think if you say like, what is your spin thing, starts here! a good-looking mat. are you going to sell those or giving them away? >> glenn: we sell them. how much do you sell your door doormat if for? >> $112. >> glenn: ours are $113.
2:55 am
>> all the sale for stuff goes to charity. >> glenn: ours does, too, for restoring honor and special ops. bill, hang on. we want to show a few clips from over the weekend. next.
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
we americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others. when confronted with massive human suffering, americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help. but there's never been anything on the scale of human tragedy in our own hemisphere like what we're now witnessing in haiti. today president clinton and i are joining together to appeal to you with real urgency. give now, and lives will be saved. thank you. thank you. >> glenn: el, with bill o'reilly finally came on the show only because i teased him he never comes on. then he only has to walk down the hall. i'm at his beck and call every week. this is it?
2:59 am
anyway, bill and i have been spending quality time together as we crisscross the nation on our bold, fresh tour. tonight is the last night you can catch it in a movie theater -- oh, no, it airs at 8:00. what to do? catch in a movie theater tonight at 8:00. here is what you will see. >> your set on the beck show in new york, with all due respect, the captain kangaroo set. the blackboard, the phone that never rings, the red thing. >> technically it does ring, but nobody calls. >> thank you. >> never rings. >> no. maude naud> [ inaudible ] let me ask. am i rude? am i rude or accurate? [ applause [ applause ] >> thank you. >> glenn: you can catch us live on stage in los angeles febrry


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